Sunday, February 20, 2011

my 14 minutes survey

instruction : once you are tagged, answer the question honestLy. No Lying or cheating ok ? once you are tagged, answer the question honestLy. No Lying or cheating ok ?
starting time : 3.50pm
name : cahaya penyayang
brother(s) : nops
eye coLour : dark chocolate
shoe size : 5/6 
hair : aurat
piercing : ears piercing
height : 153.7
what are you wearing right now : tshirt+trousers
where do u Live : now? Plaza Rah
favourite number : 3 n 7
favourite drink : lemon tea
favourite month : dont have
favourite breakfast : nasi lemak, roti canai, roti bakaq etc


broken a bone : nop
been in a poLice car : nop
faLLen for a friend : ada kot
faLLen for a guy / girL for a short time : saya setia..tQ
swam in the ocean : tenggelam ble la =P
broken someone's heart : dont know..maybe
cried when someone's died : of course penah..yg not related pom penah nanges T,T
sat by the phone aLL night waiting for someone caLL : nop..hate je la..buat pa nak tunggu
saved e-maiL : mesti...yg penting2
been cheated : ada ka orang xpenah kena tipu???haiyaa..


your room Look a Like : orang kata bilik saya bersih dan kemas..>perah santan<
what is right beside you : macam2
what is the Last thing you ate :  nasi campur


the Last person you teLL : erin kot
who was the Last person you danced with : xpandai menari
who Last made you smiLe : i'm smiling rite now..


what are you Listening right now : bunyi kipas yang berderu2...haip
what did you do today: finish my work+tgk movie+blogging
are you the oLdest : nop
indoors or outdoors : depends


taLk to someone you Like : of course... mereka berada disekeliling... mesti la ckp..aduyai
kiss someone : today xda
sing : ada ada hihi
taLk to an ex : xda x y z
miss someone : yup2...homesick
eat : dah puas tambah lemak


you taLked on the phone to : my friend
made u cry : crita jepun...=P
you went to the maLL with : erin, nas n reen
who cheered you up : my friends la... family jauh kot

have a crush on someone : no comment >jawapan artis<
what books are you reading right now : tesis senior
best feeLing in the worLd : ntah..besa-besa jak
future kids name : short but meaningful
do you sLeep with stuffed animaL : beruang
what's under your bed : kotak
favourite sport : badminton
favourite pLace : home sweet home
do you have a job : not yet..coming soon InsyaALLAH
what time is it now : 4.03pm

with however Long it took you to compLete this,
post as "my 14 minutes survey" and tag 15 peopLe...
i tag all the readers...tQ

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